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2017-0703 - Appointment of Market Maker

July 10, 2017

Effective Monday, July 10, 2017, TD Securities Inc. will be responsible for the automatic execution of odd lots for all Other Listed Securities that were not previously assigned, and as a result, odd lot execution on the CSE will be guaranteed at the NBBO for Other Listed Securities, subject to certain exceptions.

The complete list of Market Maker securities is outlined below.

Market Maker:  TD Securities Inc.  
Dealer number: 007

Quick Link:
Market Maker Assignments

For securities with a designated GMF of “Odd Lot only” the Exchange is accepting applications from Market Makers who wish to offer a greater size GMF.

All Market Making assignments are for a period of 6 months unless otherwise specified.

For questions about the eligibility requirements for Market Makers, or order entry on a Market Maker securities, please contact:




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