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News publishing, Social Media, PR and Content Creation (Videos, Podcasts and articles)

We make sure investors, industry peers and media will find you. is an accredited news source recognized by Google news and  Apple News plus global syndication.  We cover everything from cannabis to mining to biotech and more.
What makes us different?  We are a news source that also has a PR/Social Media division to get your story out.  We are very active on social media and are on the most popular news apps and we are always adding to our distribution to make sure you are seen in the right places. We publish your news with social media traction as a primary goal with hashtags and cashtags in the headline that are published in all of our social media profiles immediately. Your news will run through social media a minimum of 8 times a day with us.

We also create great content for you; articles, Q&A’s, videos and podcasts.  

Our podcasts can be heard on iTunes, iHeart Radio, Tunein, Google Play Music, Stitcher and all the must-be  heard destinations.

We make sure our content and yours is seen and heard in all the right places!

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