The CSE Compass order router is an application that will accept orders for all Canadian listed equities and route them to the market that best meets the specified criteria by applying both standard and customer-specific rules. The CSE Compass can accommodate a variety of vendor-supplied and proprietary FIX and STAMP source application systems.The primary objective of this system is to provide "Black Box" that will:

(a) route order flow to the best market(s) and
(b) provide the ability to enter directed orders to any of the available market destinations.


Orders received by CSE Compass router which are routed to another marketplace for execution in fulfillment of the Order Protection Rule obligation: No Charge1
Orders directed to, and executed on, a marketplace other than the CSE: $0.0001CAD per share up to the monthlycap2
Monthly cap per client: $2,800 CAD for FIX gateway access3
$2,000 CAD for STAMP gateway access

1. Client is responsible for any execution fees imposed by the trading venue executing the trade.
2. For debentures and notes, the value traded for the debenture or note must be divided by the face value (usually $1000) of the instrument to achieve equivalency with a share.
3. Per gateway instance. Each gateway instance may support multiple trader IDs. These fees are in addition to amounts charged by the CSE for access and other services.

For more information regarding the CSE Compass, please email