Listing Requirements

To qualify for listing the company must be a reporting issuer in good standing in any Canadian jurisdiction, and meet the specific criteria described in Policy 2 - Qualification for Listing.

Listing Application

Application documents include the CSE Forms 1 through 4:

  • Form 1A - Listing Application Letter
  • Form 1B - Listing Application
  • Form 2A - Listing Statement
  • Form 2B - Listing summary
  • Form 3 - Personal Information Form
  • Form 4 - Listing Agreement
  • Form 6 - Certificate of Compliance

All CSE Listing forms are available here
The disclosure required in the Listing Statement is comparable to that of a non-offering prospectus.  If the company has recently filed a prospectus in Canada, that prospectus may be used as a Listing Statement.

  • The non-refundable portion of the Listing Fee should accompany the initial application.
  • Issuers may request specific trading symbols which will be assigned subject to availability.

Application Review

The CSE regulatory model is based on enhanced disclosure. The Listing Application and Listing Statement will be reviewed to ensure disclosure is consistent with that approach.The application review and approval process will take approximately 15 to 20 business days depending on the completeness of the materials received and the current status of the applicant. The CSE requires Forms 1-3, along with the appropriate fee, to begin a review.

For further information about listing on the CSE or to request electronic or hard copies of the application and agreement forms please contact the Listings & Regulation Department at Tel: 416-367-7340 Email: