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Diversified Industries

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This sector includes a wide-variety of issuers. Included in this group are companies involved in Financial Services, Real Estate, Media, Consumer and Industrial Products.

Diversified industries companies listed on CSE

Eat & Beyond Global Holdings Inc. is an investment issuer that identifies and makes equity investments in global plant based protein companies that are developing and commercializing innovative food tech as well as alternative food products. The company provides retail investors with the unique opportunity to participate in the growth of a broad cross-section of opportunities in the alternative food sector, and access companies that are leading the charge toward a smarter, more secure food supply.

Each Warrant shall entitle each Warrantholder thereof, upon exercise at any time after the Issue Date and prior to the Expiry Time, to acquire one (1) Warrant Share upon payment of the Exercise Price of $0.75.

See the Warrant Indenture for full details

Emergence Global Enterprises Inc. is a vertically integrated agribusiness company with a footprint in functional wellness products and brands. The “Emergence footprint" is a vertical integration of hydroponic research encompassing vertical farming, AI-focused orbital growing, aquaponics and greenhouse growing. At the centre of the "Emergence footprint" is a 20-acre "Centre for Agriculture and Farming Innovation", which will be the blueprint for supplying remote regions, drought-stricken regions and urban populations with steady food sources accessible and sustainable with limited impact on the environment.


EMERGIA operates mainly in Canada in the development, acquisition and management of multi-purpose real estate, including retail, multi-residential, industrial, and office buildings as well as land for future development. The Corporation’s investment platform is based on an integrated, agile and efficient develop-to-own strategy that enables EMERGIA to benefit from development profits and the value-add while securing stable long-term returns.

Fineqia ( is a digital asset business that builds and targets investments in early and growth stage technology companies that will be part of the next generation of the Internet. It also provides a platform to support and manage the issuance of debt securities in the UK. Publicly listed in Canada (CSE: FNQ) with offices in Vancouver and London, Fineqia’s portfolio of investments includes businesses at the forefront of tokenization, blockchain technology, NFTs, and fintech.  

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The Company provides Advisory Services to companies and invests across a diversified portfolio of different asset classes, including equity and convertible note investments in large and small cap public listed and private companies. The Company also invests in technology companies involved in the development of blockchain solutions as well as direct investments in established and liquid Cryptocurrency (for example Bitcoin and Ethereum). 

The Exchange has determined that Gencan Capital Inc. (the “Issuer”) has not met the continued listing requirements as set out in CSE Policy 2, Appendix A section 2.9.

Pursuant to Policy 6 section 2.4, the Issuer may not rely on confidential price protection, nor may the Issuer complete any financing without prior Exchange approval.

Global Hemp Group Inc. (CSE: GHG / OTCQB: GBHPF / FRANKFURT: GHG) is company currently focused on two business segments: the development and promotion of hemp-based products that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and have a positive impact on society. To further support and innovate, GHG has established a R&D Division to actively pursue the development of Intellectual Property that can be patented for implementation at its projects and beyond. The Division is led by Prof. Víctor M. Castaño, Ph.D. whose career has focused in the areas of applied science and technology.

GHG has expanded its scope of business into natural biologic therapeutics by acquiring the exclusive licensing of patents and IP from B-Organic R&D Corp. (Bioactive Lipid Agents (“BLA”) technology, a patented innovative matrix which is able to increase the solubility and bioavailability of numerous “poorly soluble pharma ingredients” including cannabinoids) and Apollon Formularies plc (a UK-based international pharmaceutical company developing cancer treatments from natural biologics, including cannabinoids, functional mushrooms, and combinations of these compounds, which to date have shown successful independent, third-party results in pre-clinical testing).

Goat Industries Ltd. is an investment issuer focused on investing in high-potential companies and assets across a variety of sectors. The paramount goal of the company is to generate maximum returns from its investments.

Grand Peak is a diversified industry investment company. Grand Peak invests in high quality cash flow assets across multiple industries, including real estate ventures in Canada and the U.S.A., securities, early stage venture capital companies and leasing and growing hemp on land in Canada and the U.S.A.

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