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This sector includes a wide-variety of issuers. Included in this group are companies involved in Financial Services, Real Estate, Media, Consumer and Industrial Products.

Diversified industries companies listed on CSE

Kings Entertainment is the parent company of global lottery brands LottoKings and WinTrillions. As international online service providers for lottery, casino, and sportsbook gambling, these brands leverage their ability to acquire pre-qualified players through renowned lottery offerings, then engage players in a range of casino and sportsbook offerings. LottoKings and WinTrillions have attracted and retained millions of player sign-ups since. their inceptions.

Lanebury Growth Capital Ltd. is an investment company targeting, in general, early stage technology businesses who have an entrepreneurial management team in place that have demonstrated leadership abilities with a clear strategic vision for the future. The invested capital will be in the $100,000 to $1,000,000 range and will represent a significant position giving Lanebury strong influence over corporate affairs. Lanebury will prefer that a proven monthly revenue model has been established that can be easily scaled up over a variety of software platforms used around the world.  In general, Lanebury will act like a technology incubator advisory group assisting management with their proven experience and available capital whereby forward objectives become aligned towards mutual success.

LeanLife’s products are shelf-stable extractions from flaxseed, a plentiful plant-based source of Omega-3, that give them a significant advantage as a fortified food ingredient.  The products can be used as food additives or as nutraceuticals.  They have been used to make bread, noodles, cheese, yogurt, juice and milk products for the European market.  LeanLife Health’s industry leading and proprietary Omega-3 product formulations are of the highest quality and contain no cholesterol. Products are available in oil, emulsion and powder forms.

Marble’s primary business activity is to help Consumers proactively rebuild their credit back to mainstream levels through data-driven financial technology solution, financial literacy and education. Our wholly owned subsidiary, Inverite Verification, offers banking data though its 286 access points with financial institutions, KYC and risk scores which assists alternative lenders and financial services companies better understand and evaluate consumers in order to approve more transactions.  Marble also offers non-exclusive referral and licensing agreements with third party financial services firms, and alternative lenders, its B2B Connect white label API to improve customer retention and lower customer acquisition costs for both the Industry and Marble. Together with the Company's proprietary consumer facing MyMarble Platform, it continues to provide innovative and data driven products solutions backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning for consumers, alternative lenders and financial services companies.  This proprietary technology platform and diagnostic software allows consumers, alternative lenders and financial services companies to leverage artificial intelligence, data and statistics to assist all parties to better understand each other’s requirements in order to improve the likelihood to transact with each other, for businesses to improve their customer retention, approve or decline more transactions with more certainty and for consumers to better visualize and control their finances and credit score and help lead them back to mainstream financial services.

The Fund is authorized to issue an unlimited number of transferable, redeemable units of one class. As the Fund is in the process of terminating, there are currently no redemption rights for unit holders. All units have equal rights and privileges, each of which represents an equal, undivided interest in the net assets of the Fund. Each whole unit is entitled to one vote at all meetings of unit holders and is entitled to participate equally with respect to any and all distributions made by the Fund and distributions upon the termination of the Fund.

The Fund is authorized to issue an unlimited number of transferable, redeemable Class A Units (redemptions are currently suspended). All Class A Units have equal rights and privileges, each of which represents an equal, undivided interest in the net asset value of that class of the Fund. Each whole unit is entitled to one vote at all meetings of unit holders and is entitled to participate equally with respect to any and all distributions made by Class A Units and distributions upon the termination of Class A Units.

Media Central Corporation Inc. is an independent and alternative media company situated to acquire and develop high-quality publishing assets, starting with the recent launch of, a robust news, lifestyle and community cannabis platform curated for the human experience.

Metalo Manufacturing Inc. (MMI) targets energy intensive sectors and the ownership of downstream production facilities with near-zero CO2 emissions as the driving force behind their modeling. 

Further, MMI is dedicated to the integration of Canadian minerals and value-add through low-cost and clean electricity. 

​MMI is currently a large shareholder in two development projects:

​Pure Fonte Ltée:  MMI continues to advance the measured development of a Pig Iron production plant for steel mills and foundries. This will be unique globally using hydroelectricity as the source of energy, with near-zero CO2 emissions.  Electric Arc Furnace steel mills and iron foundries committed to lowering their CO2 footprint will benefit from this midstream material.  Additionally, the plant has been engineered to be converted to making a green steel if required.

Labrador Sands Inc:  MMI’s second asset is a mineral sands resource near a Canadian seaport with two key and low-cost minerals (feldspars and silica quartz) and their confirmed grades and uses to make glass and ceramic products. The sands will be combined with low-cost and clean electricity to produce a range of energy -intensive products with near-zero CO2 emissions. Production Plants will see a joint venture structure with known operators applied for each production plant including sanitary ware, silicon carbide (made with a biomass), ceramic tiles and tableware, glass products (containers, vials, fiberglass, wool, etc.) and 3D printing. Canada is nearly 100% import dependent on these products.

Collectively, more than $50 million has been invested in assessing and defining market solutions. One asset has a Bankable Feasibility Study and the other a Preliminary Economic Assessment. 


MMI’s holding in the two projects is through Grand River Ironsands Incorporated (privately held), where MMI controls 44% of the shares.

Modern Plant Based Foods is a Canadian food company based in Vancouver, British Columbia that offers a portfolio of plant-based products including meat alternatives, dairy-free cheeses, homemade style soups and vegan snacks. The company understands the importance of providing nutritious and sustainable alternatives without sacrificing taste. All products are made free of soy, gluten, nuts and GMOs. Modern Plant-Based Foods' mission is to change the way food is produced and consumed for the benefit of people, animals and the environment by using natural plant-based ingredients.

Moss Genomics Inc. is an emerging consumer genomics company that offers personalized health, anti-aging and wellness offerings guided by genomic, microbiome, and epigenome data. The Company intends to eliminate barriers in healthcare by offering easy-access, at-home, affordable testing paired with easy-to-understand actionable results.

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