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The Life Sciences sector includes companies involved in biopharmaceuticals, medical manufacturing and distribution, and bio products.

Life sciences companies listed on CSE

At the forefront of the plant-based revolution, Plant&Co is focused on offering delicious and functional plant-based food to people in every facet of life. Whether you are already committed to a plant-based lifestyle or you are thinking about it, we want to be part of your journey.

HAVN Life Sciences Inc. is a biotechnology company pursuing standardized extraction of psychedelic compounds for the creation of APIs and the development of natural health products and innovative therapies to support brain health. Through its research division, HAVN Labs, the company has developed an end-to-end supply chain of standardized, naturally derived psychedelic compounds for research that will define the future of modern medicine. With its new line of natural health products, the company offers a full range of high-quality mushroom and plant extracts that help boost immune function, reduce inflammation and support a healthy lifestyle. Learn more at: and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Hempsana Holdings Ltd. is a cannabis derivatives extraction and purification and cannabis infused end-product manufacturing company. It offers cannabinoid derivatives for medical and retail sales channels, end-product formulations, and service offerings for Extraction and Post-Processing.  

Herbal Dispatch owns and operates leading cannabis e-commerce platforms and is dedicated to providing top quality cannabis to informed consumers at affordable pricing.

Herbal Dispatch's flagship cannabis marketplace, Herbal Dispatch, is a trusted source for exclusive access to small-batch craft cannabis flower and a wide-array of other product formats.

Herbal Dispatch’s common shares trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol “HERB”.


Heritage Cannabis is a leading cannabis company offering innovative products to both the medical and recreational legal cannabis markets in Canada and the U.S., operating under two licensed manufacturing facilities in Canada. The company has an extensive portfolio of high-quality cannabis products under the brands Purefarma, Pura Vida, RAD, Premium 5, Thrifty, Adults Only, feelgood., the CB4 suite of medical products in Canada and ArthroCBD in the U.S. 

Humble & Fume is one of North America's leading cannabis distribution solution, providing customer-centric services and accessories. Humble & Fume works with over 200 leading industry brands and offer more than 10,000 accessories and extract products, and is the only major cannabis industry player to provide a fully integrated cannabis and accessories distribution solution with complete sales, distribution, and trade market support. Servicing more than 3,000 clients continent-wide, Humble & Fume can distribute to 90% of North American customers within 48 hours. Leveraging decades of North American Cannabis accessory industry experience, we are committed to being a leading partner and brand representative by offering a comprehensive portfolio of leading brands and products to head shops, smoke shops, dispensaries, and consumers.

Each Warrant shall entitle each Warrantholder, upon the exercise thereof at any time after the Issue Date and prior to the Expiry Time, to acquire one (1) Humble & Fume Inc. Common Share upon payment of the Exercise Price of $1.40.

See the Warrant Indenture for full details.

HYTN Innovations Inc. formulates, manufactures, markets, and sells premium products that contain psychoactive and psychotropic compounds. The company’s mission is to become the top provider of these products in all federally regulated markets. To achieve this, the company focuses on identifying market opportunities in order to quickly bring its innovative products to market through its elevated development platform.

Pideka Group Inc., (formerly known as Ikänik Farms) is multi-national operator with a medical grade indoor cultivation facility and laboratory (Pideka SAS) in Bogata Colombia which holds EU GMP, (GMP-PHARMA) and Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP) certifications. 

Investor Note: In addition to the 168,101,981 Subordinate Voting Shares that are listed and trading, there are 14,935,500 shares reserved specifically for issuance pursuant to the conversion rights attached to the Series A Multiple Voting Shares that are issued and outstanding but not listed.  The total number of equity shares assuming all are converted into the listed class would be 183,037,481.

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