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The CSE Technology sector is a platform for new adaptive technology companies to list within an environment that encourages aggressive innovation, research, and development.

Technology companies listed on CSE

Sprout AI is a technology company in the business of planning, designing, manufacturing and/or assembling vertical urban and controlled environment agriculture and farming cultivation equipment comprised of multi-level rolling racks that are populated with self-contained and environment-controlled habitats using its proprietary systems and technologies.

SQID is a payment processor headquartered in Australia with proprietary software for online debit or credit card payments. It provides merchant services and transaction processing to business merchants and ecommerce customers across both ‘Business to Business’ (B2B) and ‘Business to Consumer’ (B2C) segments to bridge both retail and wholesale transactions through its platform.”

TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. (CSE:TAAL) delivers value-added blockchain services, providing professional-grade, highly scalable blockchain infrastructure  and transactional platforms to support businesses building solutions and applications upon the Bitcoin SV platform, and developing, operating, and managing distributed computing systems for enterprise users.”

Telecure Technologies Inc. (“Telecure”) is a health information technology company that provides complete telemedicine and telehealth services for the betterment of patients and offers doctors tools to better manage their clients. Telecure is focused on developing innovative approaches that combine human skill-based expertise with emerging technologies for the healthcare industry for the purpose of improving the efficiency of services provided by healthcare professionals by unlocking the value of technology. Telecure’s overarching goal is to digitalize the provision of healthcare services to patients such that patients have access to all points of their care from their smartphone, tablet or computer, thereby increasing accessibility, convenience and affordability of healthcare for patients. Parallel to its overarching goal, Telecure aims to increase productivity, efficiency, revenue for healthcare providers by enabling healthcare providers to efficiently capture billable time, reduce the cost associated with no-shows and increase access to patient base and practice reach.

Telescope is a chemical technology company developing scalable, widely deployable synthetic processes to access pharmaceuticals for the treatment of mental health. Research and development efforts are focused on medicines from the under-utilized tryptamine class of compounds, leveraging innovative process chemistry to access novel molecules. Our aim is to bring modern chemical solutions to meet the most serious challenges in human health. In pursuit of this goal, we also develop tools to advance the global chemical manufacturing sector.

Tevano Systems Holdings Inc. is a technology company with custom and proprietary hardware and software technologies, and cloud services utilized in digital kiosks in commercial settings. Tevano Systems is the developer of Health Shield™, an AI-driven, electronic tablet that video displays a user with their body temperature and notifies them if they need to wear a face mask. Health Shield™ devices would be placed at all entrances that patrons and/or employees would use to gain access to a building. This hardware is coupled with a cloud software solution used to manage multiple devices and provide detailed reports of all scans done throughout an enterprise.

Tower One Wireless Corp. is incorporated in Canada and focuses on the construction and operation of  wireless telecom infrastructure in Latin American  that are experiencing strong growth. In addition the company also has a USA presence with a focus on deployment of 5G.

Tower One leases its assets to major  multi-national cellular carriers via long-term leases (10 plus years - non cancellable).  With the migration to fourth generation (4G) long-term evolution (LTE) and (5G) networks Company pursues markets with large demand for its telecom infrastructure. 


TraceSafe is a full suite of real-time location management services and contact tracing solutions enabled through advanced low power Bluetooth beacons and enterprise cloud management. TraceSafe’s leading cloud management solution ensures both user privacy and comprehensive administrative control. TraceSafe’s patented contact tracing bracelet has already been deployed in mission critical quarantine applications around the world in partnership with leading governments. In addition to their government work, TraceSafe is developing leading edge solutions for Enterprise, Healthcare, Education, Government and large-scale venue management. is a disruptive healthcare technology startup that is harnessing the power of AI to help Canadians improve their health through personalized recommendations and insights. Based in Vancouver, the Company spent the last five years working with a team of world-class doctors, engineers, mathematicians, and AI specialists to develop a complex AI engine that leverages the most robust, personalized data to generate highly predictive and accurate insights. is the parent company of Cara. This summer, Cara will be empowering Canadians to take control of their health with the launch of an innovative mobile app powered by this exclusive AI engine.

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