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The CSE Technology sector is a platform for new adaptive technology companies to list within an environment that encourages aggressive innovation, research, and development.

Technology companies listed on CSE

Spirit Blockchain Capital Inc. is a Blockchain company providing capital ‎to Blockchain ecosystem participants and Blockchain ‎research and advisory services. The Company aims to ‎supply capital to the Blockchain ecosystem through ‎lending, staking, streaming and mining. The Company ‎also provides Blockchain advisory and research ‎services.‎

SponsorsOne Inc. (the “Company”) creates Premium brands of tomorrow, digitally native and data-driven with direct engagement from the customer through social media and other digital channels. The Company attempts to meet the very demanding needs of the Millennial customer with elevated products and speed to market.  The Company is focused on two segments, Adult Beverage and Wellness.  The Company has developed an Omni Channel distribution strategy which it manages internally for the Brands we create.    This includes Direct to Consumer (“DTC”) sales and delivery right to the door of the Millennial.  Additionally, the Company has built an international wholesale distribution channel to have its products placed within the retail stores throughout our operating territory.  The Company expects to have both DTC and Wholesale/Retail channels operating to meet the real-time demand of the Millennial customer, giving them many purchase options for our Brands. With the focus on the Millennials who are digitally connected to social media,  the Company can engage and build communities around each of our Brands, potentially fueling sales, marketing, and new Brand creation. 


SpotLite360 IOT Solutions, Inc. is a supply chain and healthcare company focused on the delivery of a SaaS-based supply chain execution and sustainability platform (SpotLite 360 Software) for enterprise customers in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and agricultural industries. By leveraging IoT technologies, blockchain, machine learning and analytics, the Spotlite360 Software is uniquely positioned to meet customer needs for supply chain execution, tracing, tracking, and sustainability. Future customers of the Spotlite360 Software will benefit by realizing improved visibility, a reduction in loss and theft, increased supply chain velocity, labor efficiency, improves asset utilization, and support of their global sustainability initiatives.

Sprout AI is a technology company in the business of planning, designing, manufacturing and/or assembling vertical urban and controlled environment agriculture and farming cultivation equipment comprised of multi-level rolling racks that are populated with self-contained and environment-controlled habitats using its proprietary systems and technologies.

"SQID is an Australian based Company engaged in payment processing and investing and growing esports gaming. It provides merchant services and transaction processing to business merchants and ecommerce customers across both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) segments through its leading partner’s platform (Merchant Warrior). The Company also owns ICON Esports (ICON) a leading Australia & New Zealand esports and gaming organisation, focussed on the commercial landscape of the Oceanic market through brand driven marketing campaigns and partnerships, nutrition supplements and merchandise to their esports and gaming audience.”

The principal business of SureNano Science Ltd. is the sale and distribution of the SureNano™ surfactant, which is a ready-to-mix food grade compound that provides the base for high performance nano-emulsions to create incredibly homogeneous and stable products while maximizing bioavailability, clarity, and taste. The Company has an exclusive license to distribute the SureNanoTM surfactant within Canada and Colorado, USA.

The Issuer is a gaming and esports technology company that provides solutions purpose-built to support the growth of the esports communities, esports teams, game developers and telecom operators. The Issuer’s solutions, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, include a proprietary patented "smart edge computing" technology and a gamer engagement and monetization platform.

Sweet Poison Spirits Inc. is a growth oriented company, focused on mining a non-traditional cryptocurrency, Siacoin ( which is the coin of the Sia blockchain that provides hosting space) using efficient mining rigs which utilize less power. We are driven by our core values to operate with transparency, efficiency and sustainability as we work toward building long-term shareholder value.

Telecure Technologies Inc. (“Telecure”) is a health information technology company that provides complete telemedicine and telehealth services for the betterment of patients and offers doctors tools to better manage their clients. Telecure is focused on developing innovative approaches that combine human skill-based expertise with emerging technologies for the healthcare industry for the purpose of improving the efficiency of services provided by healthcare professionals by unlocking the value of technology. Telecure’s overarching goal is to digitalize the provision of healthcare services to patients such that patients have access to all points of their care from their smartphone, tablet or computer, thereby increasing accessibility, convenience and affordability of healthcare for patients. Parallel to its overarching goal, Telecure aims to increase productivity, efficiency, revenue for healthcare providers by enabling healthcare providers to efficiently capture billable time, reduce the cost associated with no-shows and increase access to patient base and practice reach.

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