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The CSE Technology sector is a platform for new adaptive technology companies to list within an environment that encourages aggressive innovation, research, and development.

Technology companies listed on CSE

HealthSpace is an industry leading software as a service company serving the state, provincial and local government market across the United States and Canada.  HealthSpace’s cutting edge platforms currently provide inspection, information, communication and data management systems that enable government agencies to operate more efficiently.  HealthSpace’s cloud and mobile based platforms are currently deployed in over 600 state and local government organizations across North America. HealthSpace currently offers the only fully integrated inspection, administration and analytics product suite across all platforms in North America. HealthSpace also delivers its government grade technologies to private businesses through its My Health Department platform, enabling citizens and private businesses to gain visibility and predictability into their own organizations and move from a reactive to a proactive operational status. As HealthSpace continues to deliver focused service and innovative solutions to government organizations, the Company entered the FinTech space through its HSPay offering which serves as a payment platform that streamlines the intake of government revenue.  Further, HealthSpace’s GovCall platform offers one of the only teleconferencing and video collaboration platforms tailored exclusively for government agencies.

Each Warrant shall entitle each Warrantholder thereof, upon exercise at any time after the Issue Date and prior to the Expiry Time, to acquire one (1) Share upon payment of the Exercise Price of $0.90.

See the Warrant Indenture for full details.

Each Warrant shall entitle each Warrantholder thereof, upon exercise at any time after the Issue Date and prior to the Expiry Time, to acquire one Share upon payment of the Exercise Price of $0.50.

See the Warrant Indenture for full details.

Disruptive patented detonation technology for manufacturing hydrogen and high-quality graphene in bulk that does not require external heat like conventional processes.

i3 Interactive Inc. (“Interactive”) is in the business of providing customers with an online and mobile gaming platform which will provide sports fans worldwide with a unique and highly-engaging social gaming product, and sports betting and casino product offering.

ICEsoft Technologies Canada Corp. is a software company, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  ICEsoft licenses application development tools and Software-as-a-Service solutions to enterprise, local / regional governments and institutions.  ICEsoft’s multi-purpose notification service, Voyent Alert! enables its clients to deliver enriched and personalized communications to employees and community members during times of crisis or as part of day-to-day community outreach.


IGEN Networks Corporation (OTC:IGEN)(CSE:IGN) - IGEN Networks Corporation provides software and consulting services for the consumer automotive, asset management and supply-chain industries. The solutions enable customers to mitigate risk, improve driver safety, and increase productivity.  IGEN is a fully reporting and publicly traded company on the OTC Markets under the symbol IGEN and the CSE under the symbol IGN. For more information, please visit:


Imagin Medical is Building a Best-in-Class Urologic Oncology Company Developing technologies to better visualize and treat urologic cancers, including bladder and prostate cancer, through minimally invasive surgery

The Company believes its first product, the i/Blue Imaging System™, with its advanced proprietary optics and light sensors, will greatly increase the efficiency and accuracy of detecting bladder cancer, helping to improve the surgical management of this disease.

Imagin’s follow-on product, the enCAGE Coil™ is a device with 510(k) clearance for soft tissue ablation. Imagin intends to refine the disposable bipolar radio frequency-based probe for use in the treatment of prostate cancer and benign prostate hypoplasia (BPH) and submit appropriate FDA premarket applications for the new indications.

After receipt of FDA clearance, Imagin believes the enCAGE Coil system for Prostate Cancer will address the limitations of current forms of treatment by enabling the surgeon to preset precise margins to target only the cancer cells, avoiding damage to the remaining prostate gland and surrounding erectile nerves that can impair urinary and sexual function.

Imagin’s proprietary technologies are poised to expand patient access and improve outcomes and quality of life.

AI-enabled predictive analytics software from infinitii ai ensures Smart City infrastructure and Smart Industry infrastructure facilities keep water, raw materials and energy resources flowing while meeting environmental compliance goals.  For operations that rely on time series data, infinitii ai supports reliable engineering decisions that sustain human life and commerce.  The company serves its customers via a trusted partner network that includes engineering and IT services companies like AECOM, Core & Main, Kerr Wood Leidal, K2 Geospatial and CSL Services.

infinitii ai software performs real-time analysis, checks flow monitoring status, sets alarms through a single interface, accepts all types of data from any source and offers predictive and prescriptive Machine Learning analytics.  From real-time, historic, wireless, satellite and SCADA data to public data sets including USGS, NOAA and weather forecasts – it doesn’t matter where the data originates – infinitii ai transforms it into actionable information.

Infinity Stone is meeting the demand from battery and wind turbine manufacturers, nuclear and hydrogen energy producers, and energy metals speculators by acquiring majority interest in critical mineral projects in stable mining-friendly jurisdictions, close to final use destinations in North American manufacturing hubs.

Infinity Stone is a technology company developing and delivering SaaS solutions for the public and private sectors. It integrates data collection and management (Smart Health RM), communications (Smart Connect), advertising (Engagency), and IoT devices (Smart Check).


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