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The CSE Technology sector is a platform for new adaptive technology companies to list within an environment that encourages aggressive innovation, research, and development.

Technology companies listed on CSE

Plymouth Rock Technologies is a mission to bring engineering-driven answers to the most critical problems that threaten our safety. We work with government, law enforcement and military to innovate solutions for national security, defence and space systems.

The Company is developing the next generation of threat detection solutions and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

The PRT X1 is a purpose-built multirotor UAS, utilizing Artificial Intelligence, cutting-edge sensors and the latest FLIR dual-camera module as standard, offering thermal capabilities alongside 1080p HD real-time air-to-ground streaming and 4K video recording, with the ability to mount multiple, various sensors, modules and payloads.

Our advanced threat detection methods fuse artificial intelligence with augmented reality interfaces to eliminate human operating error. Plymouth Rock products, both airborne and land-based, will scan for threat items at greater ‘stand-off’ distances than current existing technologies. Our unique radar imaging and signal processing technology creates new opportunities for remotely operated, none intrusive screening of crowds in real time.

Plymouth Rock’s core technologies include: (1) UAS platforms engineered to  conform to H.R.4753 - Drone Origin Security Enhancement Act (“X1”) (“XV”); (2) Millimeter Remote Imaging from Airborne Drone (“MIRIAD”); (3) A compact microwave radar system for scanning shoe’s (“Shoe Scanner”); (4) A compact modular radar utilized for a variety of applications, from aircraft to weapon detection (“CODA”).

POSaBIT is a financial technology company that delivers unique and innovative, blockchain-enabled payment processing and point-of-sale systems for cash-only businesses. POSaBIT specializes in resolving pain points for complex, high-risk, emerging industries like cannabis with an all-in-one solution that is compliant, user-friendly and utilizes top-of-the-line hardware. POSaBIT’s unique solution provides a safer and transparent environment for merchants while creating a better overall experience for the consumer.

Quizam Media produces high quality Media for streaming on the Internet. It produces and acquires content for both Entertainment and Corporate Education.

Radial Research Corp. is a technology company that develops online and download technologies and services, including software, websites and smartphone applications. The Company has focused recent efforts on e-commerce related technologies, and has acquired Zoompages, an e-commerce platform which we believe greatly simplifies the sales funnel construction process. The Company is also seeking other opportunities in e-commerce, internet and smartphone-based technologies.

Royal Wins is an innovative digital games studio pioneering skill game wagering and betting on mobile casual games. Established in 2014, Royal Wins designs, develops and operates real money wagering skill games.  The Company is a disruptor of the online gaming space such that all players of legal age can play and win life-changing jackpots and prizes on their skill instead of only on chance and odds. Royal Wins' primary innovation and intellectual property centres around solving big data problems relating to skill gaming mechanics, algorithms pertaining to balancing cash jackpots, game difficulty modules, and maintenance of player winnings.

Royal Wins has released a suite of pure skill mobile games on Android and iOS mobile/tablet platforms via their skill gaming app: Kash Karnival.

Sensor Technologies Corp" SENS" is a leading solutions provider to various sectors including the oil and gas industry. With non-intrusive technologies including fiber-optic sensors and electric field mapping EFM systems. Sensor Technologies Corp is able to accurately measure changes that could negatively impact our client's operations. SENS F.O. sensors are a non-invasive tool for monitoring pipeline defects in real time. consist of non-intrusive sensors, monitor & software. SENS's  EFM monitoring of isolated pit formation & growth using a non-permanent modular design based on electrical resistance measurements, monitoring locations may be placed hundreds of feet away from the sensors. Software operates in continuous or scheduled reporting modes. SENS's latest tech, is its leak detection system, for use in application  such as Pipe sections at remote facilities Monitoring of Military, Scientific installations for corrosive liquids in harsh environments ,  in tank farms,  pipe sections, Water leak detection in data centers & buildings.

Sixty Six Capital is an investment company specialising in Crypto assets.  Sixty Six Capital owns 338,273 shares in Northern Data AG (XETRA: NB2), a High Performance Computing company which is one of the world’s largest specialist HPC operators with facilities in Canada, the USA, Norway and Sweden.  The shares are subject to a two-year holding period which expire on 9th March 2023.  The directors remain opportunistic about further investments in Crypto, Fintech and AI assets.

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SoLVBL Solutions Inc. is a cybersecurity company. The company’s mission is to empower, better, faster decisions by developing a universal standard for establishing digital record authenticity. The lead product Q by SoLVBL™, is a proprietary software of the company, designed to be easy to use and adopt, economically priced and provide digital record authentication at lightning fast speed. Q by SoLVBL™ allows organizations to establish trust in their data. The company is currently pursuing the following verticals: chain of custody for digital evidence; including, next generation 911 (“NG911”), data used in the financial sector, medical applications and critical internet of things (“IoT”) infrastructures.

Sona is a nano technology life sciences firm that has developed two proprietary methods for the manufacture of rod shaped gold nanoparticles for use in multiplex diagonostic testing platforms that will improve performance over existing tests in the market.

Spacefy is an online marketplace that connects people in creative industries, such as photographers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, ad agencies, and event planners, with locations to execute their projects. Spacefy's platform allows property owners and managers of venues to list their locations with detailed descriptions, photographs, and amenities. The platform facilitates the negotiation and booking of short-term rentals where a commission and fee is charged by Spacefy to both the renter and the space owner.

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