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Greenhill Equity Solutions Ltd.

+1 604-260-6944
Free corporate evaluation (a $7500 value)
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Consulting, Governance and Compliance, Investor Relations

Greenhill Equity Solutions offers digital platforms focused on automated private placement offerings and closing transactions, Board resolutions and minutes, tracking company warrants and options, and private share transactions.  Shareholders can also access links designed to allow registration and contact updates.
The proprietary platforms address the demand for efficient, cost-effective, secure shareholder, e-signatures, and corporate administration online systems.  Customized products and also be developed to meet client requirements.
Greenhill customer service representatives are available to assist with any questions about the virtual document process.
Since 2017, Greenhill has completed $50 million in private placement subscriptions and $21 million in private share transactions for Canadian brokers and subscribers in Canada, the U.S. and other jurisdictions.  Over 3,500 “touches” (management, shareholders, administrators, and brokers) have successfully used the platforms.

At any time, management can view the percentage raised for an offering, pending incoming wires or paperwork, a list of confirmed shareholders, or other updates.  They have the satisfaction of knowing that their corporate administrative needs have been handled and are lodged on a tested secure cloud-based system.

Our systems work 24/7 so you don’t have to worry.



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