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Maricom Inc.

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Media and Communications, Investor Relations

Maricom promotes your company and teams up with your actual IR team. We're reaching out to ALL North Americans in both languages including the 10 million French in Canada who are totally ignored at the moment. Maricom promotes your company and makes it a fully bilingual one by:

- promoting all your news releases and marketing materials on our social media platforms and on various investors group to target retail investors;

- doing representation toward our network of financial advisors, investment bankers, analysts and media to target institutional investors and to help raise capital;

- translating all your news releases from English to French within the fastest turnaround time in the industry (between 2 to 4hrs);

- acting as the first point of contact for French investors on both your website and news releases with the mention "For MREY French Inquiries" and our contact information, and;

- handling all your French investors inquiries via phone/email within 24 hours.



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