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All CSE dealers are required to be members in good standing of CIRO and be registered with a Canadian regulatory securities authority.CSE dealers range from large Canadian and international investment dealers to medium and smaller sized dealers with specialties in retail and/or institutional brokerage, corporate finance, registered professional trading, and market making.
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Become a dealer on Canada’s entrepreneurial exchange


CSE Dealer Application

Dealers will be approved once the completed CSE Dealer Form, CSE Dealer Agreement, and payment have been received and reviewed. The CSE is committed to providing service excellence and will process applications expeditiously.

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Our dealers represent some of the top 
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Dealer Forms

CSE Dealer Form

Please email the completed CSE Dealer Form to [email protected]

CSE Dealer Agreement

Please email the completed CSE Dealer Agreement to [email protected]

Name Change

To advise the CSE of a name change or other material change, please contact your CSE representative or email [email protected]

New Traders or Additional Trader ID(s)

For new traders to the CSE, please complete the CSE Request to Add Trader form. If the trader is currently employed by a registered CSE Dealer, an email request to [email protected] is sufficient.

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