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The CSE is committed to offering the best online tools to our customers.  The CSE has created an online Client Portal - a comprehensive suite of value-added tools designed specifically to give customers easy and secure online access to the information they need.

Features Include:


  •  Current and Historical Invoices
  •  Statement of Account
  •  Transaction Details
  •  Dealer Reports

                   - CSE Listed Securities and Other Listed Securities Daily Fill Report
                   - CSE Listed Securities and Other Listed Securities Daily Outstanding Orders Report

  • Market Reports

                   - CSE Listed Securities and Other Listed Securities Stock List (Simple and Detailed)
                   - CSE Listed Securities and Other Listed Securities Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Market Summary
                   - CSE Listed Securities Trading Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Market Summary by Symbol Group
                   - CSE Listed Securities Trading Daily Market Summary (With Security Count)
                   - Other Listed Securities Market Trade Summary by Dealer
                   - CSE Listed Securities Daily Market Corporation Actions

Administration Tools

  •  Administration of Access for Internal Users
  •  Administration of Reports Distribution

Customer Support

  •  E-mail Submission of Service Requests

Reports can be downloaded directly from the Client Portal.  If you require more detailed information, please email

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