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Le secteur des sciences biologiques comprend des sociétés dont les activités concernent les produits biopharmaceutiques, la fabrication et la distribution médicale et les produits biologiques.

Alliance Growers Corp. is focused on becoming a vertically-integrated company in the medical marijuana market through interests in cannabis production facilities, medical marijuana-related technologies, and/or laboratory testing services, either through direct ownership or joint venture agreements.

Alternate Health (CSE: AHG, OTCQB: AHGIF) an international leader in the CBD industry, including extraction, product development and distribution. Alternate Health’s industry-leading software systems provide the platform for the company’s diverse operations, including blockchain tax collection systems, CBD product distribution, hemp-derived extract manufacturing and the first medial cannabis online portal approved by the Florida Department of Health.

T​​hrough Alternate Health’s subsidiary, Blaine Labs, the Company is a leader in cGMP medical product manufacturing and distribution, with over 50 product SKUs available from major retailers, including Walmart, Amazon, CVS and Walgreens. Alternate Health’s corporate office is located in Toronto, Canada, with additional offices in Venice, California, and San Antonio, Texas. The Company is well positioned to reinvest internal operating cash flow in its platform and product development over the long term, creating an attractive investment profile for its shareholders. For more information about Alternate Health Corp., visit

AMP German Cannabis Group Inc. (“AMP”) is the parent company of several European subsidiaries focusing on the import of pharmaceutical-grade (EU-GMP) cannabis into Germany, predominantly from Canada.  AMP provides EU-GMP gap analysis and audits, logistical, transportation, importation permits and other related services for the importation of medical cannabis into Germany through its AMP EU-GMP German Certification Protocol Program.

Ascend Wellness Holdings (AWH) est un opérateur verticalement intégré avec des actifs et des partenaires dans l'Illinois, le Michigan, l'Ohio, le Massachusetts et le New Jersey. AWH possède et exploite des installations de culture de pointe, cultivant des souches primées et produisant une sélection de produits organisée. AWH produit et distribue des produits de marque Ozone.

Asia Cannabis Corp. est une société internationale de technologie agroalimentaire à ses débuts, spécialisée dans la plantation, la culture et la récolte de nouvelles et précieuses variétés de chanvre et de cultures connexes en quantités commerciales en Asie du Sud.

L'émetteur propose une approche innovante pour traiter les infections pulmonaires avec des diagnostics rapides pour guider de meilleurs résultats cliniques.


Each Right entitles the holder to receive, for no additional consideration, one-tenth of one Subordinate Voting Share, subject to certain adjustments. Any Right that has not been converted by 5:00 p.m. on May 24, 2021 shall be null and void.

Ayr Strategies Inc. - Subordinate Voting Shares

Ayr est une société de cannabis intégrée verticalement aux États-Unis, axée sur les applications récréatives et de mieux-être, avec un portefeuille initial d'opérations intégrées verticalement dans l'Est et l'Ouest des États-Unis.

Investor Note: In addition to the 14,821,985 Subordinate Voting Shares that are listed and trading, there are (a) 3,696,486 reserved for issuance pursuant to the conversion rights attached to the Multiple Voting Shares that are issued and outstanding but not listed, (b) 257,776 reserved for issuance pursuant to certain make-whole provisions in certain share purchase agreements to which Ayr is a party, assuming a C$12.00 Subordinate Voting Share market price, and (c) 8,349,611 reserved for issuance pursuant to the conversion rights attached to the Exchangeable Shares issued and outstanding but not listed. The total number of issued Subordinate Voting Shares assuming all the foregoing are exercised or converted into the listed class or issued, as applicable, would be 27,125,858. The foregoing does not include the Subordinate Voting Shares reserved for issuance pursuant to the (w) exercise rights attached the Warrants which are issued and outstanding and listed, (x) conversion rights attached to the Rights which are issued and outstanding and listed, (y) conversion rights attached to the Restricted Exchangeable Shares granted as equity incentive compensation that are granted but not listed, and (z) conversion rights attached to the Restricted Exchangeable shares that are available for issuance under Ayr’s long-term equity incentive plan but not granted.  The number representing the "total equity shares, as if converted" does not take into account the Subordinate Voting Shares resulting from the exercise of the Warrants or the conversion of the Rights.

Each Warrant is exercisable to purchase one Subordinate Voting Share at a price of C$11.50 per share, subject to certain adjustments. The Warrants expire on May 24, 2024, and Ayr may accelerate such expiry (except with respect to Warrants held by Mercer Park CB, L.P., the sponsor of CSAC) by providing 30 days’ notice in the event that the closing price of the Subordinate Voting Shares equals or exceeds C$18.00 (as may adjusted in accordance with the terms thereof) for any 20 trading days within a 30-day trading period, in which case the expiry date shall be the date which is 30 days following the date on which such notice is provided. 


Ayr is an expanding vertically integrated, U.S. multi-state cannabis operator, focused on delivering the highest quality cannabis products and customer experience throughout its footprint. Based on the belief that everything starts with the quality of the plant, the Company is focused on superior cultivation to grow superior branded cannabis products. Ayr strives to enrich consumers’ experience every day through the wellness and wonder of cannabis.



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