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Affinor Growers Inc.

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09 octobre 2012

Affinor is focused on the design, development and commercialization of vertical farming technology for both indoor and outdoor (greenhouse) applications. The team is currently working on demand crops such as romaine lettuce and strawberries by developing processes, methods and models to cultivate true perpetual crops at competitive pricing. It is the mission of Affinor to be the world-wide technology and market leader in creating and commercializing the most economical vertical farming technologies that use the least possible resources (eg. land, water, and energy resources) to produce the highest quality pesticide-free produce year-round, regardless of environmental conditions. Affinor’s patent technology and licensed patent pending technology positions the Company well in the vertical farming industry. It is the only vertically integrated technology that can offer patented inline automated pollination for fruiting crops. Affinor can offer software driven growing solutions automating high quality, scientifically engineered products and process.