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TripSitter Clinic Ltd.

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November 29, 2021

TripSitter Clinic Ltd., through its wholly-owned subsidiary TripSitter Clinic Corp, is at the forefront of two emerging sectors: telehealth and psychedelic medicine. The Company’s consultative virtual clinic, TripSitter.Clinic, is a SaaS platform that provides care, monitoring and coaching while connecting patients with licensed physicians in the United States who can evaluate for a prescribed psychedelic treatment program of therapeutic low-dose ketamine medication. TripSitter is not a primary care physician (PCP). TripSitter.Clinic requires prospective patients to provide a diagnosis from their PCP along with other health information to their chosen TripSitter physician during the initial intake process. When a patient is approved for treatment by their physician, TripSitter.Clinic connects the patient with experts who also use the platform to consult and coordinate with the patient and their physician.