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Toutes les entreprises en vedette ci-dessous ont des offres de services qui peuvent créer de la valeur pour les entreprises publiques.

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Senasen Group is based in London, United Kingdom. Our network of investors (high net-worth & professional) want to engage remotely & digitally with companies and asset managers on

Our product is for people who believe technology can substantially improve relationships with investors.

We focus on organisations who want investors to better understand their business by sharing their stories using multi-media.

We promise that engaging with what we have built will help you get increased investor engagement and new investor connections.

Enable your stakeholders to follow you on Senasen and connect with international high-networth investors, family offices, and fund managers.

Please contact for reasonable rate negotiation.

Market Making & Relationship Management Services

Contact us for a custom offer

Drawing from our extensive knowledge and experience with private and public companies, we provide customizable solutions allowing you the time to focus on your business while we focus on your corporate needs.

Our offerings include:
- Corporate secretarial, governance & board management, corporate & regulatory filings
- Company administration, HR, fractional executive assistant services
- Finance, accounting & bookkeeping
- Marketing, communications, and investor relations
- Listing advisory services, including IPO, RTO, escrow, and ancillary solutions

Grove also operates two platforms – OTC Advisory Services and AGM Connect.

20% off Marketing packages for CSE listed companies.

RICH TV LIVE provides marketing services to Issuers in the public markets to help with distribution of news to an active growing community of investors. We focus on live breaking news 24/7. Our team of marketing professionals offer more than 20 years of combined experience to help bring visibility to our clients. We help our clients achieve they're goals and build shareholder Value. With our extensive network across 8 different social media platforms and our websites we make sure to clearly and effectively deliver our client's investment potential and corporate vision.

We build long term relationships by providing the highest level of service in the most
cost-effective manner with the utmost integrity and professionalism

Integral is pleased to offer all CSE Issuers 10% for the first year of services.

We are an efficient, service-oriented transfer agency formed in 2009. Integral's digital transformation program increasingly allows our clients to perform more and more of their functions online - speeding up turn-around times and reducing their costs In addition to being able to clear through both Canadian and US clearing systems, Integral has developed the necessary connections to assist CSE firms to dual list in Europe and Australia. We are experts at assisting companies that are newly listing on the CSE and have a range of packages suited to every situation.

FREE minute taking for one hour of Board/Committee meeting

Canadian Corporate Board Advisory Services “CCBAS” is a leading provider of board advisory services to Canadian issuers listed on the CSE, including those companies inter-listed on US and overseas exchanges. Services include consulting on best practices in board and corporate governance, director recruitment, board evaluations, outsourced recording and corporate secretarial services, annual meeting planning, press release dissemination and regulatory filings to fulfil public issuers’ continuous disclosure obligations. CCBAS offers a cost-effective monthly contract, project and hourly rates.
For more information, please contact Jo-Anne Archibald, CEO and Founder at or call/text at 416.270.2991

A complimentary collaborative work session that will evaluate your company's business needs, objectives and success metrics, and a complimentary follow-up assessment on market opportunity will analyze how our resources could add value to your development.

A diverse collective with experience in finance, marketing, technology and law focused on business development and consulting in the industrial hemp market. With deep experience, reach and support from trusted and vetted industry relationships and resources we provide guidance in: Development strategies in accordance with international, federal, state and municipal regulation, Commodity-based strategies and financing, Market positioning, branding and advertising, Technology assessment, development and implementation, and End-to-end legal solutions spanning the entire intellectual property lifecycle.

13% off our marketing packages

Frontier Flex Marketing provides a full suite of valuable marketing services to Issuers in private and public markets. Our talented team of financial market professionals offer more than 60 years of combined experience and are driven to succeed for our clients.

Our aim is to help our clients achieve fair corporate evaluation and build shareholder value.

With our extensive network, comprised of financial industry professionals, active investors and marketing service providers; we effectively and clearly communicate our client’s investment potential and corporate vision.

Employing effective marketing between our client and the financial community across North America is what we do best.

Contact for Offer

Our securities team is a key driver in our clients’ capital-raising and M&A activities. We work closely with our clients throughout the transaction life cycle offering strategic legal services and strategic connections and introductions to finance professionals. We are an integral member of your team, helping you achieve your goals.

We assist with various transactions, from private and public securities offerings and going-public transactions to corporate and M&A transactions. We serve some of the best and nimblest businesses in the world across a variety of industries to achieve their financing goals.

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