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Goodness Growth Holdings Inc.

Issued & Outstanding108,161,130
Reserved for Issuance136,887,917
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Goodness Growth Holdings Inc.

Listing date
March 20, 2019

Goodness Growth is a United States-based multi-state cannabis company with significant operations in our three core markets of Maryland, Minnesota, and New York. We are science-focused and dedicated to providing patients and adult-use customers with high quality cannabis-based products. We cultivate cannabis in environmentally friendly greenhouses, manufacture pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts, and sell our products at both Company-owned and third-party dispensaries to qualifying patients and adult-use customers. We currently serve thousands of customers each month.

In addition to the listed Subordinate Voting Shares, there are 347,940 Multiple Voting Shares issued and outstanding. Each Multiple Voting Share is convertible into 100 Subordinate Voting Shares at the option of the holder or upon certain triggering events. This number also includes Subordinate Voting Shares underlying existing and proposed convertible securities.