• A lot can happen in 20 years
A lot can happen in 20 years
For 20 years, the CSE has brought a better way to list, trade and invest in Canadian capital markets. In fact, we were the first new exchange in Ontario in over 80 years. We knew it was time for a shift in the public capital landscape, it was time for a new exchange model.

With over $26 billion raised since 2004, the CSE has been one of the world's fastest-growing exchanges, empowering the growth of innovative companies with an efficient operating model, advanced technology and a best-in-class fixed fee structure.

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The CSE lists its first three issuers: International Thunderbird Gaming Corporation (now Thunderbird Resorts listed on Euronext), United Reef Limited, and Champion Natural Health.


The CSE becomes a recognized stock exchange, the first in Ontario since the 1920’s.


The CSE opens its Vancouver office.


The CSE stock exchange data launches on Bloomberg and Reuters (now Refinitiv).


The CSE launches the first ever continuous auction market to trade securities listed on other Canadian exchanges, a new and innovative facility with a high-capacity, low-latency trading environment and an attractive fee structure.


The CSE changes the CNQ name to CNSX Markets Inc. to reflect its stock exchange status.


The CSE becomes a “Designated Stock Exchange,” by the Department of Finance Canada making its securities eligible for RRSPs and TFSAs.


The CSE is designated as an “offshore securities market” by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


The CSE trades over 2 billion shares – a new record for the Exchange.


The CSE launches the CSE Composite Index


The CSE debuts its new website with enhanced productivity tools for issuers and investors.


The CSE launches the CSE25 Index™.


The CSE’s early work with the cannabis industry is reflected in a massive surge of new listings, many from the United States. The CSE currently lists 162 companies in the sector; the companies have collectively raised $17 billion since 2016-2022.


The CSE lists its 500th issuer.


The CSE responds to the challenges of the pandemic through the adoption of a hybrid work model, and successfully handles a massive increase in retail-driven trading and issuer finance activity.


In February 2021 the CSE hits a record trading month with 9.3 billion shares traded.


The CSE surpasses 800 listed issuers.

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With a 20-year proven track record, the CSE is a fast-growing marketplace with over 800 listed securities and over 65 dealers.

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