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4Front Ventures Corp.

Issued & Outstanding913,923,993
Reserved for Issuance281,301,750
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4Front Ventures Corp.

Listing Date
March 14, 2018

4Front Ventures Corp. is a vertically-integrated cannabis company with cultivation, production and retail facilities spread across several states in the US.

Share Classes

4Front has two classes of shares: subordinate voting shares (“SVS”) and multiple voting shares (“MVS”). SVS are publicly traded on the CSE and are entitled to one vote.  MVS are not publicly traded, can convert to SVS at a ratio of 1 MVS to 1 SVS, and are entitled to 800 votes per MVS.

There are 913,923,993 SVS outstanding and 1,276,208 MVS convertible to 1,276,208 outstanding for a total outstanding SVS of 915,200,201 on an as-converted basis.

Please see Section 10 - Description of Securities of 4Front's Form 2A Listing Statement for a further description of the SVS and MVS.