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Adastra Holdings Ltd.

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January 06, 2020

Founded in 2014, Adastra Holdings Ltd. through its Health Canada licensed subsidiary, Adastra Labs has built a successful reputation as a leading cannabis processor. Adastra manufactures products for its successful in-house concentrates brands Phyto Extractions and Endgame Extracts and co-manufactures for many Canadian cannabis brands. With products sold at more than 2,000 retailers across the country.

Operating out of its 13,500 sq. ft. Health Canada Licensed Standard Processing and co-located analytical testing lab facility, Adastra produces and distributes cannabis-derived products designed for medical cannabis and forward-looking therapeutic use. 

Adastra received its controlled substances dealer's license in August 2022 with an amendment in February 2023 and is licensed to partner with healthcare professionals and practitioners within the regulated environment to help create efficacious remedies that address the actual needs of patients.