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Alliance Growers Corp.

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June 22, 2015

Alliance Growers Corp. (CSE:ACG) is a Diversified Global Medical Cannabis Company driven by the Company’s ‘Four Pillars’ Organization Plan – 1-Products and Services for Cannabis and Hemp Cultivators through its strategic relationship with Pharmagreen (PHBI), the supply of starter plantlets through a proprietary tissue culture process for the CBD hemp and cannabis industries and the supply of feminized, high percentage CBD hemp seeds, 2-Strategic Alliances with Cannabis and Hemp Cultivators, including the availability of utilizing indoor and outdoor grow facilities, providing cannabis products (Alliance branded pre-rolls) and the potential for export of cannabis product. 3-CBD/THC Infused Products via “self-financed” partnerships including infused spirits and infused health related products; and 4-Research and Technology through strategic relationships with PharamaGreen and B.R.I.M., a company that has expertise in all aspects of cannabis and hemp and others.

Alliance Growers and Pharmagreen Biotech Inc. are jointly developing a Cannabis Biotech Complex, the first of its kind in Western Canada to house a Tissue Culture Production Facility, DNA Botany lab, and eventually an extraction facility and to service the Cannabis market and agriculture market in general. The main facility will grow Cannabis plantlets utilizing the proprietary “Chibafreen Invitro Plant Production System” for tissue culture propagation, allowing more tissue cultured plantlets to be produced in less space and less time.