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CanaFarma Hemp Products Corp.

Issued & Outstanding213,211,781
Reserved for Issuance5,700,000
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CanaFarma Hemp Products Corp.

Listing date
March 19, 2020

CanaFarma Hemp is a full-service company operating in the hemp industry offering a full range of hemp-related products and services. These products and services include growing top-quality hemp, providing hemp-processing services, and offering hemp-based products to consumers utilizing a direct-to-consumer marketing approach.

Investor Note: In addition to the 213,211,781 common shares that are listed and trading, there are 5,700,000 reserved for issuance pursuant to the conversion rights attached to the Proportionate Voting Shares that are issued and outstanding but not listed. The total number of issued shares assuming all are converted into the listed class would be 218,911,781.