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Certive Solutions Inc.

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December 21, 2011

Certive Solutions Inc. (CSE:CBP) (OTC:CTVEF) (FRA: 5C3) is a company focused on emerging technologies across healthcare including: analytics, AI, and Cybersecurity technologies. Led by senior leaders and industry experts, Certive invests in and provides subject matter experts within portfolio companies to accelerate success and maximize value for shareholders. Certive has expanded its offerings in the realm of Revenue Cycle Management and Cybersecurity by creating solutions which enable providers to broaden the scope and depth of their reimbursement process, improve financial performance, and protect their digital assets. Certive Health's subsidiary, Certive Health Compliance Solutions, is a security services company. It is a cybersecurity advisor, which provides security solutions to healthcare organizations of different sizes in the US and Canada to limit their cyber threat exposure. It provides cybersecurity services, including managed security service, cybersecurity consulting, technology consulting, compliance auditing, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and security remediation. Learn more at certivehealth.com.