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GreenBank Capital Inc.

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GreenBank Capital Inc.

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April 17, 2013

GreenBank Capital is a business transformation firm, with the sole purpose of nurturing growth companies to their full potential. Through modern approaches to consultancy services, GreenBank actively takes a stake in every company it nurtures, where founders and executives benefit from the years of collective experience of the GreenBank management team.

The team are spread across London and Toronto and works diligently across borders to ensure that portfolio brands reach their core objectives. The businesses we typically work with are start-ups or early-stage. From this emergent state, we can quickly implement strong business practices through operations, communications, data strategy and financial expertise. 

Whether a business desires to become a successful private company, lists publicly, or is seeking a profitable exit, GreenBank will add value at every stage as a strategic partner. GreenBank Capital is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, the Frankfurt Boerse and on the OTC Markets in the US.