Ignite International Brands, Ltd.

Issued & Outstanding109,967,933
Reserved for Issuance204,595,000
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Ignite International Brands, Ltd.

Listing date
September 20, 2016

Ignite International Brands, Ltd. (“Ignite”) intends to expand its business, which currently includes branding, marketing, licensing, sales and distribution, across additional legal jurisdictions in the United States and into international jurisdictions, across multiple product applications. Ignite intends to effect this expansion through brand leverage, product development, targeted marketing and strategic supply chain partnerships in each of the target jurisdictions.    Investor Note: In addition to the 105,598,091 Subordinate Voting Shares that are listed and trading, there are 151,251,400  reserved for issuance pursuant to the conversion rights attached to the proportionate voting  shares that are issued and outstanding but not listed. The total number of issued shares assuming all are converted into the listed class would be 256,849,491.