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Imagin Medical Inc.

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February 24, 2016

Imagin Medical is Building a Best-in-Class Urologic Oncology Company Developing technologies to better visualize and treat urologic cancers, including bladder and prostate cancer, through minimally invasive surgery

The Company believes its first product, the i/Blue Imaging System™, with its advanced proprietary optics and light sensors, will greatly increase the efficiency and accuracy of detecting bladder cancer, helping to improve the surgical management of this disease.

Imagin’s follow-on product, the enCAGE Coil™ is a device with 510(k) clearance for soft tissue ablation. Imagin intends to refine the disposable bipolar radio frequency-based probe for use in the treatment of prostate cancer and benign prostate hypoplasia (BPH) and submit appropriate FDA premarket applications for the new indications.

After receipt of FDA clearance, Imagin believes the enCAGE Coil system for Prostate Cancer will address the limitations of current forms of treatment by enabling the surgeon to preset precise margins to target only the cancer cells, avoiding damage to the remaining prostate gland and surrounding erectile nerves that can impair urinary and sexual function.

Imagin’s proprietary technologies are poised to expand patient access and improve outcomes and quality of life.