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MPX Bioceutical Corporation

Issued & Outstanding404,014,987
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MPX Bioceutical Corporation

Listing Date
January 27, 2017

MPX Bioceutical Corporation (formerly known as The Canadian Bioceutical Corporation) is a multi-state diversified cannabis company with operations focused in the U.S. in the adult use and medical cannabis markets. The issuer’s foundation is built on its profitable operations in Arizona, with two Health 4 Life Dispensaries and well established Melting Point Extracts (MPX) Brand and GreenMart which holds cultivation and production licenses for both the medical and “adult use” sectors in Nevada and is already selling wholesale into the Nevada medical cannabis market. The business has also optioned suitable locations and intends to enter the higher-margin retail arena by applying for at least two dispensary licenses in the Las Vegas market which will operate under the “Health for Life” brand. MPX is currently building-out facilities in Fall River, Massachusetts, which includes a 40,000 square foot property zoned and licensed for cannabis cultivation and a retail dispensary. MPX also manages and has options to purchase three dispensaries and one production facility in Maryland . MPX plans to replicate its success in Arizona to become a dominant multi-state operator.