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MustGrow Biologics Corp.

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July 10, 2019

MustGrow is an agricultural biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of sustainable, natural biopesticides, biofumigants and bioherbicides derived from food-grade mustard seed. The mustard plant, which is a Brassica species plant, has natural compounds within that produce non-synthetic chemicals with pesticidal and herbicidal properties. Allyl-isothiocyanate and thiocyanate are non-synthetic compounds which are part of the plant's defense mechanism against disease, pests and weeds. MustGrow has extracted these natural compounds and molecules that form these natural compounds, from mustard seed and formulated them in a dry and liquid form appropriate for use as a commercial biofumigant, biopesticide and bioherbicide. MustGrow owns issued patents and patent applications covering the extraction, formulation and use of these natural compounds. The MustGrow technology is a platform technology with multiple applications, including preplant soil treatment of microbial disease, pests and weeds, and a biologic for postharvest food preservation.