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Newlox Gold Ventures Corp.

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Newlox Gold Ventures Corp.

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October 17, 2012

Newlox Gold Ventures Corp. is an environmental remediation company recovering contaminants and residual precious metals from historical waste left behind over more than a century of inefficient artisanal and small-scale mining in politically and socially stable jurisdictions in Latin America.

The Company operates within a unique part of the resource industry and benefits from low costs and high grades due to its focus on artisanal mine tailings. Hundreds of years of mining history in Latin America and current inefficient artisanal processing ensure ample opportunities for the Company to grow its business model.

Newlox occupies a pioneering niche within the extractive industry where it can apply innovative processing techniques to not only recover precious metals but also to effect positive change in the environmental and social landscape through its operations.