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Replenish Nutrients Holding Corp.

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Replenish Nutrients Holding Corp.

Listing date
January 10, 2019

Replenish Nutrients is an agriculture bioscience company and a leading intellectual property developer of regenerative and sustainable fertilizer solutions and manufacturing processes that support a healthy soil ecosystem and grower profitability. Through proprietary fertilizer products containing essential nutrients, biological material and a zero-waste manufacturing process, Replenish has developed a sustainable alternative to synthetic fertilizers that enhances overall soil function and biology while providing valuable plant-available nutrients farmers rely upon for healthy crops and sustainable farming business models. Replenish Nutrients is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Replenish Nutrients Holding Corp. (CSE: ERTH) (OTC: VVIVF). To learn more about Replenish visit our website at www.replenishnutrients.com.