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RYAH Group, Inc.

Issued & Outstanding448,131,390
Reserved for Issuance267,053,596
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RYAH Group, Inc.

Listing date
May 04, 2021

RYAH is an IoT powered digital healthcare analytics and technology company that captures and analyzes large seed-to-consumer data to create personalized, plant-based therapies. Through the Company's proprietary, dose-measuring IoT devices and data analytics, RYAH is reshaping our understanding of plant-based medicine to positively impact cultivation methods, medical therapies, and the overall future treatment of patients for various medical conditions.

Investor note: In addition to the 448,131,390 Subordinate Voting Shares that are listed and trading, there are 71,748,600 Subordinate Voting Shares reserved for the conversion of Super Voting Shares into Subordinate Voting Shares. There are 155,389,737 warrants issued and outstanding. Each warrant gives the holder the right to acquire an additional Subordinate Voting share at prices of between CA$0.075 to CA$0.20. There are also 33,324,895 vested options. Each option gives the holder the right to acquire a share at a price between CA$0.075 and CA$0.10.

The total number of equity shares assuming all are converted into the listed class would be 708,594,622.