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The Fresh Factory B.C Ltd. - Subordinate Voting Shares

Issued & Outstanding10,788,377
Reserved for Issuance47,370,372
CSE Index


The Fresh Factory B.C Ltd. - Subordinate Voting Shares

Listing date
November 16, 2021

The Fresh Factory has built a vertically integrated platform from the farm to the shelf.  Their focus is on the future of food—fresh ingredients, clean-labels, and plant-based products. The Fresh Factory owns or partners with brands of all sizes to develop, manufacture, and sell products made from fresh produce and recognizable ingredients. It operates from its centrally located manufacturing facility near Chicago, serving customers across the US. As a public-benefits corporation, The Fresh Factory is ESG-focused, driven to make a lighter, greener impact on the environment and a stronger, positive impact on local communities and the food system as a whole. 

Investors Note:

In addition to the 10,788,377 Subordinate Voting Shares of the issuer (“Subordinate Voting Shares”) that are listed and trading, there are 41,377,800 Subordinate Voting Shares reserved specifically for issuance pursuant to the conversion rights attached to the Proportionate Voting Shares of the issuer that are issued and outstanding but not listed.  Additionally, there are 3,992,572 options outstanding and 2,000,000 warrants outstanding. The total number of equity shares assuming all are converted into the listed class would be 58,158,749.