BulletinDec 09, 2009

2009-1203 - New Listing - GoldTrain Resources Inc. (GT)

December 9, 2009

The common shares of GoldTrain Resources Inc. have been approved for listing on CNSX. The Company has 21,523,474 common shares outstanding with a public float of approximately 14.3 million shares.

The Company is a junior natural resource company engaged in the business of exploring and developing mineral properties. GoldTrain's business activities are currently focused on further exploration and development related to its Chiniguchi River Property located in Janes Township, Sudbury Mining Division, Ontario comprising a contiguous block of eight claims approximately 30 km from the eastern edge of the Sudbury Basin.

Listing and disclosure documents for GoldTrain Resources Inc. will be available in the CNSX Listings Disclosure Hall

Trading Date: Monday, December 14, 2009
Symbol: GT
CUSIP: 381571 10 8
ISIN: CA 381571 10 8 8

Applications are being accepted for Market Makers for "GT".

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