BulletinMar 28, 2011

2011-0307 - New Listing - Newlook Industries Corp. (NLI)

March 28, 2011

The common shares of Newlook Industries Corp. have been approved for listing on CNSX.  The Company has 30,455,932 common shares outstanding with a public float of approximately 21.5 million shares.

Listing and disclosure documents for Newlook Industries Corp. will be available in the CNSX Listings Disclosure Hall.

Trading Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Symbol: NLI
CUSIP: 651515 10 8
ISIN: CA 651515 10 8 3

Applications are being accepted for Market Makers for "NLI ". If you have any questions or require further information please contact Radhika at (416) 572-2000 X 2435 or E-mail: [email protected]

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