BulletinDec 15, 2016


December 11, 2016
The quarterly rebalancing of the CSE Composite Index will result in the following changes, effective after the close on Friday, December 11, 2016.


CHV Canada House Wellness Group Inc. Life Sciences
VGW Valens Groworks Corp.

Life Sciences

ATT Abattis Bioceuticals Corp.

Life Sciences

TNY The Tinley Beverage Company Inc. Diversified Industries
IAN iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc. Life Sciences
PRI PrimeWest Mortgage Investment Corp. Diversified Industries
VP Vodis Pharmaceuticals Inc. Life Sciences
HGP Heritage Global Inc. Technology
AFI Affinor Growers Inc. Life Sciences
IRV Irving Resources Inc. Mining
AGS Arcturus Growthstar Technologies Inc. Technology
NF New Age Farm Inc. Life Sciences
TBP Tetra Bio Pharma Inc. Diversified Industries
IMH Invictus MD Strategies Corp. Diversified Industries
GET Glance Technologies Inc. Technology
VS Versus Systems Inc. Technology
KNR Kontrol Energy Corp. Technology
ITV ICTV Brands Inc. Diversified Industries
ACG Alliance Growers Corp. Life Sciences
PUF PUF Ventures Inc. Technology
HS HealthSpace Data Systems Inc. Technology
DVR Deveron UAS Corp. Diversified Industries
MUR Murchison Minerals Ltd. Mining
ZNK Kootenay Zinc Corp. Mining
MQ M Pharmaceutical Inc. Life Sciences
GHG Global Hemp Group Inc. Diversified Industries



GPK Grand Peak Capital Corp. Diversified Industries
VEG Captiva Verde Industries Ltd. Diversified Industries
BUX BioMark Diagnostics Inc. Life Sciences
LLP LeenLife Pharma International Inc. Diversified Industries
FDM Fandom Sports Media Corp. Technology
IME Imagin Medical Inc. Technology
PKG ParcelPal Technology Inc. Technology
SQA Stina Resources Ltd. Mining
AVM Avarone Metals Inc. Mining
EZM Easy Technologies Inc. Technology
DDB Data Deposit Box Inc Technology
LTE Lite Access Technologies Inc Technology


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