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2015-0323 - Index - CSE Composite Index - Correction

March 24, 2015

The following deletion was not included in Bulletin 2013-0319 announcing the quarterly rebalancing of the CSE Composite Index: 


Appia Energy Corp.  API Mining

The sector for the following addition was incorrect in Bulletin 2013-0319. 

Matica Enterprises Inc.  MMJ Life Sciences

The amended complete list of additions and deletions:


 Western Uranium Corporation  WUC  Mining
 James Bay Resources Inc.  JBR  Oil & Gas
 Aurora Cannabis Inc.   ACB  Life Sciences
 EA Education Group Inc.    EA  Diversified Industries
 SPT Sulphur Polymer Technologies Inc.                    SEE  Cleantech
 Biomark Diagnostics Inc.   BUX  Life Sciences
 New Age Farm Inc  NF  Life Sciences
 Cannabix Technologies  Inc.   BLO  Technology
 BioNeutra Global Corporation  BGA  Life Sciences
 InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.   IN  Life Sciences
 Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc.  MOS  Technology
 Matica Enterprises Inc.       MMJ  Life Sciences
 Silk Road Ventures Ltd.    SFA  Diversified Industries
 Open Source Health Inc.   OSH  Technology
 Copperbank Resources Corp  CBK  Mining
 European Metals Corp  ECU  Oil & Gas


 Appia Energy Corp.  API  Mining Telecom Inc.  CB  Technology
 Herbal Clone Bank Canada Inc.  HC   Life Sciences
 BIOSENTA Inc.      ZRO  Diversified Industries
 BlackIce Enterprise Risk Management Inc.    BIS  Technology
 Jagercor Energy Corp.        JEM  Oil & Gas
 Certive Solutions Inc.  CBP  Technology
 PDC Biological Health Group Corporation  PHG  Diversified Industries
 Highmark Marketing Inc.  HMK  Life Sciences
 Gravitas Financial Inc.    GFI  Diversified Industries
 Genius Properties Limited     GNI  Mining
 Arch Biopartners Inc.  ACH   Life Sciences
 Green Standard Vanadium Resources Corp       GVM  Mining
 Boomerang Oil Inc.    BOI  Oil & Gas
 Chitr Chatr Communications Inc.  CHA  Technology

For more information about the CSE Composite Index, including the full list of securities and the index methodology, visit the CSE website.

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