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2017-0915 – New Listing – GEA Technologies Ltd. (JUJU.A)

le 22 septembre/September 2017

The common shares of GEA Technologies Ltd. have been approved for listing on the CSE.

Listing and disclosure documents will be available at

GEA Technologies LTD, DBA International Cannabrands Ltd., licenses the JuJu Royal Ultra Premium Cannabis brand to producers and processors to develop branded strains of cannabis, infused and edible cannabis consumables, as well as ancillary products such as clothing, paraphernalia, posters, and other products. JuJu Royal is a brand created for and inspired by Julian Marley, Reggae Musician and son of the World Renowned Bob Marley.  The brand leverages the natural connection between the artist, Julian Marley, reggae music, and cannabis which DropLeaf believes will allow it to capture a significant share of the branded cannabis market.

GEA Preferred Shares

The total outstanding does not include 1,570,422 of the 1,836,628 GEA Preferred Shares issued that are convertible into 157,042,200 GEA Common Shares, as these GEA Preferred Shares are held by U.S. residents and there are restrictions on the ability of U.S. residents to convert such shares.

The holders of GEA Preferred Shares are entitled to receive notice of and to attend and vote at all meetings of the shareholders of GEA Common Shares and each GEA Preferred shareholders shall have the right to one vote for each Common Share into which such GEA Preferred Share could then be converted (one hundred (100) GEA Common Shares) in person or by proxy at all meetings of the shareholders of GEA. Please see Section 10 Description of the Securities in the GEA Form 2A Listing Statement.


L’inscription à la cote de CSE des actions ordinaires de GEA Technologies Ltd. a été approuvée.

Les documents d'inscription et de divulgation seront disponibles sur

GEA Technologies LTD, faire des affaires comme International Cannabrands Ltd., autorise la marque JuJu Royal Ultra Premium Cannabis à fabriquer et à transformer des souches de cannabis, infusées

et les consommables comestibles de cannabis, ainsi que des produits auxiliaires tels que des vêtements, des accessoires, des affiches et d'autres produits. JuJu Royal est une marque créée pour et inspirée par Julian Marley, le Reggae Musician et son fils du monde renommé Bob Marley. La marque s'appuie sur le lien naturel entre l'artiste, Julian Marley, la musique reggae et le cannabis que DropLeaf estime lui permettre de capturer une part importante du marché du cannabis.

Issuer/Émetteur: GEA Technologies Ltd.
Security Type/Titre: Common Shares/Actions ordinaires
Symbol(s)/Symbole(s): JUJU.A
Number of securities issued and outstanding/ Titres émis et en circulation: 64 327 388
Number of Securities reserved for issuance/ Titres réservés pour émission: 160 489 686
CSE Sector/Catégorie: Life Sciences/Sciences biologiques
CUSIP:  36164R 10 6
ISIN: CA36164R 10 6 4
Boardlot/Quotité: 500
Trading Currency/Monnaie de négociation: CDN$/$CDN
Trading Date/Date de negociation: September 25, 2017/Le 25 septembre 2017
Other Exchanges/Autres marches: N/A
Fiscal Year end /Clôture de l'exercice financier: December 31/Le 31 decembre
Transfer Agent/Agent des transferts: TSX Trust Company 


If you have any questions or require further information please contact Listings at (416) 367-7340 or E-mail: [email protected]

Pour toute question, pour obtenir de l’information supplémentaire veuillez communiquer avec le service des inscriptions au 416 367-7340 ou par courriel à l’adresse:  [email protected]


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