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The CSE is a fast-growing marketplace with over 800 listed securities and more than 65 dealers.It is recognized and regulated by both the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) and the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) and operates nationally through applicable rulings and exemption orders from the other securities regulatory authorities. We are Canada's entrepreneurial securities exchange, offering issuers an alternative marketplace to access equity capital since 2003.
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Online Broker Directory

Access to Brokers for Online Trading

Expanding Availability

While all Canadian dealers are connected to the CSE, the CSE is actively working on expanding the availability of quotes and market information to retail brokerages internationally.

International Investors

Please visit our frequently asked questions to find out more about how to trade CSE listed securities from abroad.

Don't see your platform of choice?

Email us at [email protected] for more information about available platforms and market access.

Brokers Connected to the CSE

Full Service

Canada's broker dealers are your gateway to the CSE, offering research, advice and trading for institutional and retail clients.

Direct Access

All of the largest direct access or online brokers are members of the CSE.


Independent brokers are firms that offer a network of independent advisors to their customers. Canada's top independent firms are members of the CSE.

CSE Quotes

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Frequently Asked Questions

U.S. and Foreign Investors

U.S. Investor Frequently Asked Questions

Stay Informed

All Notices

Get the latest regulatory announcements from the CSE concerning its Listings Policies, Trading Rules and functionality and other important industry developments.

All Bulletins

Get the latest information about new CSE listings, the appointment of Market Makers, market events, and other news.

All Company News

Stay informed with CSE listed company news, providing transparency and accountability to shareholders and the public.