CSE NewsMay 07, 2024

Canadian Securities Exchange Celebrates 20th Anniversary

May 7, 2024 – Toronto, ON – The Canadian Securities Exchange today proudly commemorates its 20th anniversary as an exchange. In 2004, the CSE was the first exchange to be recognized in Ontario in more than 80 years. What followed was 20 years of providing service and support to Canadian and international entrepreneurs accessing public capital, ensuring investors had access to compelling new industries and companies.

“We understand the journey of our entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs ourselves,” said Richard Carleton, CEO of the CSE. “Support for our issuers is hardwired into our culture, with a commitment to deliver public market services that our issuers and their investors need.”

Since 2004, more than $26 billion in public capital has been raised on the CSE.  It has long held a significant position in Canada with its IPO growth rendering it one of the world’s fastest-growing exchanges. In 2022, the CSE’s listed companies elevated its status to number one globally in new corporate listings and it continued in the number three position in 2023.

“Like most successful start up businesses, the CSE’s progress was not a straight line,” added Mr. Carleton. “We built a great team, with deep knowledge of the public capital markets and a passion for serving our customers, but the road to where we are now was filled with all of the challenges that our issuers know well. Our staff dug in and proved that that when you have great people, you can achieve great things.”

Twenty years since the Exchange’s inception, the momentum continues. Since the beginning of 2023, the CSE has added 93 new listings, created a senior tier for its largest and most advanced issuers, had its issuers declared eligible for reduced margin by industry regulators, launched a second trading book called CSE2, and has evolved its brand and revamped its website to reflect its innovative approach to serving its issuers, investors, traders and other stakeholders.

“We’re going to be celebrating this meaningful anniversary by hosting events across the country to connect with our longstanding supporters, clients, investors and friends,” said Mr. Carleton. “Watch for our CSE20 logo, which signifies our success to date, success that has in turn fueled the achievements of our listed companies, investors, Canadian investment dealers, and traders for two decades. And we’ve only just begun.”

For more information about the CSE’s 20th anniversary and a recap of its many milestones, the Exchange has a dedicated page on its website at: https://thecse.com/20-years/.

About the Canadian Securities Exchange:

The Canadian Securities Exchange is a rapidly growing exchange invested in working with entrepreneurs, innovators and disruptors to access public capital markets in Canada. The Exchange’s efficient operating model, advanced technology and competitive fee structure help its listed issuers of all sectors and sizes minimize their cost of capital and enhance global liquidity.

Our client-centric approach and corresponding products and services ensure businesses have the support they need to confidently realize their vision.

The CSE offers global investors access to an innovative collection of growing and mature companies.

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