NoticeMay 22, 2007

Notice 2007-007 - Revised CNQ PIF (Form 3)

CNQ NOTICE 2007-007

May 22, 2007

CNQ’s Personal Information Form has been revised. The new Form 3 is effective immediately as a "housekeeping" amendment as the only change is to replace the "Consent to Disclosure of Criminal Record Information" with a standard "Release and Discharge Related to Consent to Disclosure of Criminal Record Information", as required by the Ontario Provincial Police.

There is no change to the existing procedure, nor does the new form request any new information.  There is no material change to the substance of the consent and release.

The OPP will no longer process new requests for criminal record information submitted on the old version of the form.   Personal Information Forms already filed with CNQ do not have to be resubmitted.

PDF copies of the new Form 3 are available on the CNQ website at

Please direct any questions to:
Mark Faulkner
Director, Listings and Regulation
416.572.2000 x2305
[email protected]

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