NoticeJul 26, 2010

Notice 2010-004 Amendments - Rules 1-101 Definitions, 11-102 Qualification for Alternative Market

July 26,2010

On July 13, 2010 the Ontario Securities Commission approved proposed amendments to Rule 1-101 Definitions and Rule 11-102 Qualification for Alternative Market (collectively,Amendments) that were published for comment May 17, 2010 in CNSX Notice 2010-001. No comments were received. The Amendments are effective immediately.

The substantive changes to the rules relating to Alternative Market securities expand the range of securities that may be traded in the Alternative Market to all Canadian stock exchanges, including CNSX Markets. There are no additional obligations or costs imposed on CNSX Dealers or Issuers.

Other changes were for clarification purposes to ensure that the qualification criteria for Pure Trading are easily understood.

Questions about the Rules may be directed to:

Mark Faulkner,
Director, Listings and Regulation
416.572.2000 x2305�
Email: [email protected].

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