NoticeNov 06, 2023

Notice 2023-010 - Listing Fee Schedule

November 6, 2023

The Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE” or “Exchange”) announces changes to its listing fee schedule.  New Listing Application fees are effective immediately, and monthly fee changes will be effective January 1, 2024.

A. Equity Securities - Fees for Listing Applicants and Listed Companies

Initial Listing fee - A non-refundable deposit of $5,000 must accompany the Listing Application, and the applicable balance is payable prior to the Listing Date.


Listing Type

Balance of Fee

Total Initial Listing Fee


Existing Reporting Issuer, including:

Prospectus filer,

Issuer moving from another exchange,

Unlisted Issuer in good standing, subject to (b)




Fundamental Change of a CSE Listed Issuer or any application for an issuer qualifying for listing through completion of a fundamental change transaction or a change of business.

Exception – For an existing CSE Listed Issuer undergoing a change of business with no major acquisition or change of control, a basic fee of $15,000 will apply.




Additional Review Fees –

An applicant not listed within three months of receiving conditional approval must pay an Additional Review Fee equal to half of the non-refundable portion of the listing fee.  Following a review, the Exchange will issue an updated conditional approval letter.

An applicant not listed within 6 months of receiving conditional approval (without an updated conditional approval), must re-submit the non-refundable portion of the listing fee.








Supplemental Listing fee - $1,000
A listed company must pay a flat fee to list an additional class of securities, payable prior to the Listing Date for the securities.

Monthly Fee - The monthly maintenance fee is due on the first business day of each month the Company is listed. The first monthly fee will be due on the first day of the month following the listing date.  No fee will be applied to the period between the listing date and the first monthly fee. In the event of suspension or delisting, no portion of the fee will be refunded. Each listed issuer will be assessed a monthly fee calculated as a percentage of its  daily average market capitalization for the first 9 months of the previous calendar year. The first monthly fee for a Listed Issuer will be the minimum base fee of $875.  Subsequent monthly fees will be calculated using the daily average market capitalization between the listing date and the second monthly fee.

For companies with restricted shares listed and one or more classes of convertible multiple voting shares outstanding, market capitalization will be calculated as if all shares had been converted to the listed class. 

Fees will be determined as follows:

Market Capitalization

Monthly Fee

Fees Calculated on an Annual Basis


Base Fee





 $10 million or less


Not Applicable




Greater than $10 million


0.001% of Market Capitalization




Requalification Fee - $1,000
A Listed Company which has had its securities suspended from trading will be required to pay a requalification fee in addition to curing the default or breach that gave rise to the suspension.

Late Filing Fee - $25 per day per CSE Form
A Listed Company which has not posted a CSE form in accordance with Exchange Policy will be required to pay $25 for each full business day the form remains outstanding subject to a maximum of $500.  NOTE: This fee will only apply to the CSE Form 7 Monthly Progress Report until further notice.

Form 3 Personal Information Forms - $200 per individual form 
Any Form 3 - Personal Information Form (PIF) submitted by a Listed Company is subject to a fee of $200 payable at the time of submission.  A PIF submitted by a listing applicant in connection with the application is not subject to this fee. All PIF submissions may be subject to additional fees in connection with background checks for individuals with residential history outside Canada and the U.S.

Note: GST or HST will be applied to all fees, as applicable.

 Implementation Date:

The application fees are effective immediately for applications not yet received. The increase in monthly listing fee will be implemented January 1, 2024.  NOTE: For a Listed Issuer that has not been listed for 12 months, the proposed Monthly Listing Fee will not be effective until the first anniversary of the listing date, unless the Listed Issuer applied for listing on or after the Implementation Date of this Fee Change.

Quick link to full fee schedule including Fees for Listing Structured Products

Current Listing Fee Schedule

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