Market Open at the CSE Media Centre

Welcoming innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors from across Canada and around the world, the Market Open at the CSE Media Centre offers a new way to usher in the start of the trading day. Against the backdrop of the CSE media wall, a state-of-the-art digital LED media display, every Market Open will celebrate the entrepreneurial milestones and achievements of listed companies and corporate partners of the CSE.

Located at the top of First Canadian Place in Toronto, the CSE Media Centre is a remarkable venue for showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit that drives the CSE and its listed issuers.

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Peak Positioning Technologies — November 19, 2019

Peak Positioning Technologies Inc. is the parent company of a group of innovative financial technology (Fintech) subsidiaries operating in China’s commercial lending industry. As a Canadian publicly-traded company (CSE:PKK), Peak provides a bridge for North American investors to participate in the continued digitization of China’s financial services industry and its rapidly expanding Fintech sector. Through its subsidiaries, Peak uses technology, analytics, and artificial intelligence to create an ecosystem of lenders, borrowers, and other participants in China’s commercial lending space where lending operations are conducted rapidly, safely, efficiently, and with the utmost transparency.


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